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This site was developed to give my Shower Door Drip Rail product a separate presence from the Shower Splash Guard site because each has its own audience. Both are innovations that I’m developing and refining.

I’ve always had a “Can Do” attitude. Whenever I see other average people doing average things, I think, I can do it too, if I only apply myself.


As a middle kid in a big family, I liked to always be active, in sports, friendships, school, and work. Yes, work, because I didn’t like hand-me-downs or missing out on things because my parents couldn’t afford to pay for them. So, from an early age, I made my own way, by doing odd jobs for neighbors or anyone else, like cutting lawns, delivering news papers, washing dishes at a hotel, or whatever.


I learned this from my parents, because that’s what they knew. My dad had to stop school and start working at the age of 10 because his dad (my granddad), was lynched and left hanging from a bridge, near the family farm in Northern Louisiana. My mother was an only child and hated every minute of it, because there were mostly adults around her as she grew up. She agreed to marry my father partly because he promised her that she would never be left alone, and that’s why there were 10 kids. The family moved out of the South by taking the train to Seattle in the 1950s, because there was a lot of work available and the potential for a better life. But I never thought they went far enough, which is why I eventually settled in Vancouver, BC. For some reason, I was given his name, and was able to carry out his promise, because I was washing my mother’s face in the hospital room, when she took her last breath, in 2010.


I’m just the opposite of my mother, because I don’t mind being alone, since it gives me the ability to focus, and become totally immersed in my projects and other tasks that I want to pursue. Maybe its because I can from a big family, or maybe its because I’m an Aries, but I’ve never been afraid to go into the unknown, by myself, and without fear. Whether its traveling to an all white school during desegregation, where I had to stand up to bullying, or traveling into the Vietnam war zone, on a long work assignment, I enjoy new learning experiences that I get from daring to go beyond where others fear to tread. But I stay vigilant, and always in the moment and ready to react.


As a teen, I happened upon a magazine called “Success Unlimited”, which contained stories about interesting people who succeeded in many areas of life and industries. I was spellbound and couldn’t wait for the next issue, because I wanted to be like those people highlighted in the magazine. I didn’t know how, because each of those people had intimate knowledge in their particular area of expertise, and I had nothing because I was just a kid that needed experience to become an expert at something.


Even though I was still in high school, I was hired by the big Seattle aircraft company, Boeing, where I was taught to repair exterior aluminum surfaces, then how prep, prime, and paint all of their planes, including the 747, in Everett, WA. By the time I got there, even though I was still a teen, I oversaw adults who were more than twice my age, simply because I was good, and always interested in learning all that I could from the experience with the company.


My quest for knowledge outside my normal work activities, began by enrolling in junior college, but I dropped out because they weren’t teaching what I wanted to know; which was how to be like the people I’d been reading about.


GTE, a big telephone company, hired me as an installer & repairman, they taught me telephony, electricity, defensive driving, telephone pole climbing, and cable splicing, but hanging on those telephone poles, damaged my arches, so it was time for a change. But those skills came in handy on my next job, which took me to Vietnam and then to Thailand, where I trained their Nationals on how to maintain and repair equipment supplied by the USA.


Upon my return to North America, I decided to settle in Vancouver, BC, where I had visited many times, starting with a high school band & orchestra exchange, where I had played the standup bass. I opened an arts & crafts business, which evolved into an art gallery & picture framing shop, with the help of my neighbors who taught me everything they knew about the gallery & framing business. I continued to study framing, and began to teach framing and also to write my first patent on preserving fine art on paper, because no one solved the problem of moisture damage to art.


To test the marketability for my new invention, I built another gallery w/ frame shop designed to produce these hermetically sealed frames, in a modified frame shop setting. Well, it worked great, but by that time, the sky had fallen in on me and I took a devastating financial hit, which put me out of business.


I was an early adopter with computers, and owned one before everyone else, so I became certified as a technician, repairing systems for people and diverse industries, from architectural hardware to Fisheries & Oceans Canada.


My passion was always to work on my own ideas and projects, rather than constantly relearning operating system changes. My life experiences had already placed me in a category that bordered on the unbelievable or unemployable.

So, getting back to inventing and developing new products became my only option, because it gives me the opportunity to focus on issues that had no know solution or devise a better solution than those already know.


The Shower Door Drip Rails were not on my mind when I started, but something that evolved while I was developing my Shower Splash Guards. As I see it, there are basically three ways to take a shower; behind curtains, sliding doors, or swing glass doors. Sliding doors are fairly well sealed and have few problems. Showers with curtains are the most common and have had leaking problems since their introduction, with scores of devices designed to remedy that problem. Swing Shower Doors have had a problem that’s been overlooked for quite a while, which meant I had an opportunity to create a device to solve the leaking issues which most of them have.


I focused on the draw-backs in the prior art and developed my solutions to eliminate those draw-backs, right  from the start. For example, existing shower drip rails use metal screws for attachment. So, mine had to attach without using metal screws.


As an inventor or developer, I always look beyond “what is” or “what exits”, in favor of “what if” or “what could be”. In work, I always look and layout ways to make a task faster, easier, safer, and more efficient for both the worker and the company, whether its my company or someone else’s company.


I read somewhere that the first parts of our lives are meant for learning and the acquisition of life experience. And the latter part of our lives are meant to put that knowledge and those experiences into action, in order to add or make a contribution, for the privilege of living, and opportunities given. The problem is, we never know how much time we have to complete the contribution phase.


That’s why now is the time to get it done.

Jerome Gipson

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