Separating the Red VHB Liner Film.

Apply VHB Drip Rail to a Glass / Plastic Door.

Install Drip Rail on Framed Neo-Angle Door.

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How To Test Glass, Before Drip Rail Install

15 psi (pound per square inch) of VHB Pressure

How-To & Why Use a Squeegee

Re-Shape a Drip Rail to Fit Any Swing Door!

Aluminum Framed Glass Door w/ OEM aluminum drip rail attached. Notice, how water will flow off both ends of the level drip rail, and more onto the floor, especially when the door begins to sag.

3Ms Clear VHB Adhesive Tape is so different from other tapes you’ve become used to, that its important for you to understand how it works, before you use it the first time.

1.) It will not stick to a dirty, oily, or soapy surfaces.
2.) It will lock onto clean surfaces and won’t let go, unless you know how.
3.) It’s thick, crystal clear, stretchy, solid, that never dries out.

“Universally Adjustable”
“Shower Door Drip Rail”

Keeps water off the floor, when a wet shower door is opened.

Channels water into the tub or pan, and not onto the floor!

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3M VHB  Tape has a Logo marked Red Label, that can not be confused with others.

Shower Door Drip Rails with 3M VHB are 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

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How to Trim Off Excess VHB Adhesive!
Its Nothing Like Other Adhesive Tapes!

Drip Rail Drawing with Text.Aluminum Framed Neo-Angle Shower Stall with Aluminum Drip Rail PhotoRight Swing Neo-Angle Shower Stall with Drip Rail Photo




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