Shower Door Drip Rail photo showing 3M-VHB Transparent Tape film liner partly removed and transparent drip rail. 36" (.914m) length, 2" flange.

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The Problem:


Water on the shower door, drips onto the floor whenever it opens because there is no drip rail or channel.


A swing door drip rail should catch the water on the inside of a wet door and channel it into the tub or pan when the door is opened.


Very few framed door manufacturers have included a proper drip rail, and some of those are made from hard plastic, which are known to crack and break off, this renders them useless, others are made of aluminium which are attached with metal screws, which corrode or detach, making them ineffective as well.


We Have The Only Solution:


A “Universally Adjustable—Shower Door Drip Rail”, made from our Magic Moulding. It installs on all Frameless Swing Glass or Plastic Doors in a few minutes. It installs on all Frameless Pivot (Bottom Hinge) Glass Doors. Installing on Framed Doors takes a little longer, but its just as effective.


“Universally Adjustable Shower Door Drip Rail”, eliminate the need to towel dry or mop-up water dripping off  the open door. The door can be left wide open for maximum air circulation and faster drying, which reduces the growth of mold and mildew.


“Universally Adjustable Shower Door Drip Rails” can be installed onto any thickness of existing glass door with or without wipes or sweeps, so they retro-fit to any current installations, and the only tools and supplies you’ll need are: a good pair of scissors and some Naphtha (lighter fluid) or 99% alcohol (Methyl Hydrate (paint store)) for cleaning soap film off the application surface, but be safe, and store these chemicals out of reach  from children.

Photo, showing tools and glass door cleaning products used to prepare and install a "Univerally Adjustable - Shower Door Drip Rail" on either a framed or unframed glass door. Naptha, 99% Alcohol, Transparent Caulk, Scissors, and Utility knife.

In the video on the left, we take you to a few local Vancouver retailers of shower enclosures to see if they include a Drip Rail to catch the water dripping off the door when it opens. A lot of people put a towel on the floor to soak up the water pool. Others place a small rug on the floor where the door swings open or they use a squeegee on the door before they step out.

You can’t expect your guests to know about this problem, and you’ll look up-tight if you run in, to cleanup after them. That’ why it’s the “Only Solution”.

“Universally Adjustable” “Shower Door Drip Rail”


Keeps water off the floor when wet
shower door is opened.


Channels water into the tub or pan, and not onto the floor!

Left edge view of Univerally Adjustable - Shower Door Drip Rail photo showing cut-out for aluminum framed door molding and curved end to allow for door jamb clearance.

Drip Rail Trimmed to allow for glass frame and curved to allow door jamb clearance.

Photo showing a finger peeling the red 3M-VHB film liner from transparent adhesive on a "Univerally Adjustable - Shower Door Drip Rail".

Charles Dickens said, “move the VHB tape to the top edge of the Drip Rail”, after installing it on his shower door, but  was very pleased with its ease of use and the step-by-step video instructions. This would prevent any dirt from ever getting trapped at the top edge of the drip rail.


We listened, and made the change. Now, the VHB Acrylic Transparent Adhesive Tape is mounted along the very top edge of the Drip Rail. VHB tape is clearly the best product choice for wet and humid shower stalls. The specification data already shows it to be stronger and more clear than other adhesives. From now on, our Shower Door Drip Rails will only be equipped with this 3M VHB because its been more thoroughly tested to have better clarity and bonding. It costs a lot more, but its worth it, because now we can offer a:

100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Shower Door Drip Rail photo showing partly peeled 3M-VHB liner from Transparent Adhesive Tape, w/black background.Univerally Adjustable - Shower Door Drip Rail w/ 3M-VHB Tape, The Only Solution photo with text and white background. Inside View.

3M VHB  Tape has a distinct clearly marked Red Label, that can not be confused with any other.

Shower Door Drip Rails with 3M VHB are 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

These are all of the tools you’ll need to install a Shower Door Drip Rail.

Univerally Adjustable - Shower Door Drip Rail installed above a bathtub, on a swing door, mounted against a tiled wall, showing how it drains water from the door and into the tub, when the door is open.



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